Huminoid made of many small serpents, mottled brown in color.


Wises; Fieldcraft, Engineering, Research, Mechanics

Skills; Computer 2, Medic 2, Close Combat 4, Hunter 2, Persuader 2, Gunnery 4, Pilot 3, Athletics 3, Investigation 3

Traits; Scaly, Generous, Alert, Tough

forbidden traits; fat, furry, selfish

Nature 5, Resources 2, Circles 5


Seth is the progeny of two tenders of the Great Scientist Grig. One of his parents is a hunter/farmer and the other is a research assistant/tender.

Seth is 1 year old and had just reached full colony size when the sentinel orb came to the planet Puteus. Each member to the Nidus race chooses their life path upon reaching maturity and Seth was the only candidate of his race available for the sentinel orb to choose.
Since the choosing Seth has served as a sentinel for four years, but lately the orb has been drawing Seth towards some new challenges.


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